Njaimeh Njie is a Pittsburgh based photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia producer. Njaimeh first gained experience as a freelance videographer, photographer, writer, and curator before founding the production company, Eleven Stanley Productions. Eleven Stanley is dedicated to creating story based multimedia content, with a particular focus on projects connected to social justice and cultural enrichment. 

Njaimeh is also the Founder/Producer of the multimedia project Power(ed) by Grace: Musings on Black Womanhood. PBG is a running exploration of black womanhood in Pittsburgh. It has exhibited around the city of Pittsburgh, and received local and national press attention.

Beyond her creative work Njaimeh is an educator, a solo travel expert, and an advocate for diverse storytelling across media platforms. A Pittsburgh native, Njaimeh earned her B.A. in Film and Media Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, and her M.Ed in Secondary education from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.